We offer fresh produce, jarred apple butter, fresh eggs from "happy chickens", and other delicious foods! We use responsible organic methods to grow our produce!

Spring is coming

Daffodils are blooming, the goats are shedding, the chickens are laying and only 1 month to opening of the Farm Market in Fluvanna on the first Tuesday in April.


During the summer some of the figs need to be frozen to make jam when things slow down at the farm.

18 jars of drunken fig jam today and more figs marinating for a regular fig jam recipe to can tomorrow

Autumn – and the approach of Thanksgiving

Autumn and late summer are a special time as the days are shorter and the temperatures cool down the whole feel of the garden changes

The tomato plants wither, the last of the eggplant are picked and there is an explosion of growth of cold weather crops – some pictured in the last post.

Broccoli – has a sweetness when freshly picked that is incomparable

Cauliflower – is still growing even in the cold weather

Cabbage – has become a staple in our daily meals with so many ways to prepare – especially sauteed with onion and garlic.

Salads are cut from the garden as needed

Our sweet potatoes are stored and ready for Thanksgiving.

And our chickens are happily producing more and more eggs as our latest chicks have grown to maturity.

Fall Garden highlights

Bok Choy and Cabbage just picked

cauliflower still growing

Fall garden

Broccoli ready for harvest

Goats grazing in our yard

Jasper and the goats getting used to each other

Mower broken - let out the goats

goats with chickens in back - must be a farm

Sisters - Becky and Sasha

While Tom was working on the mower we decided to let the goats out and they had a very busy day eating with large bloated tummies by evening.

First week of canning

First 2 days of canning

Worked on canning – Applesauce, Apple Butter and ginger pear preserves.   The house smelled wonderful but it takes a long time.  It’s a good thing the result is so delicious.  Our extra frig is full of apples with more on the trees.  This week figs are coming in too.


But, you also have to look around and take a moment to enjoy a late rose

Some of our harvest

Staying organic is a challenge with the insects of Virginia but we still had lots of beans and cukes for the Fluvanna Farmers Market.  We also have varieties of eggplant, our own garlic as well as hungarian hot peppers.

Pictured are some of our tomato harvest as well as a selection of potatoes which include Kennebec, Red and Yukon Gold


Potato varieties



Some of our tomatoes for sale at the market


Hay bales on our field

Eric and Tom loading the truck

Carrying the hay to the barn

July we had our front field cut for hay.  The bales were loaded by Tom and Eric.  We should have more than enough for our goats for the winter – and to sell some as well.

Selling at the Farmers Market

Our Tent at the Fluvanna Farmers Market


We planted a variety of cabbages.  We had Red, Green, Pointed Caraflex and Savoy.

Below is a picture of the latter being sold at the Farmers Market in Fluvanna