We offer fresh produce, jarred apple butter, fresh eggs from "happy chickens", and other delicious foods! We use responsible organic methods to grow our produce!

Autumn – and the approach of Thanksgiving

Autumn and late summer are a special time as the days are shorter and the temperatures cool down the whole feel of the garden changes

The tomato plants wither, the last of the eggplant are picked and there is an explosion of growth of cold weather crops – some pictured in the last post.

Broccoli – has a sweetness when freshly picked that is incomparable

Cauliflower – is still growing even in the cold weather

Cabbage – has become a staple in our daily meals with so many ways to prepare – especially sauteed with onion and garlic.

Salads are cut from the garden as needed

Our sweet potatoes are stored and ready for Thanksgiving.

And our chickens are happily producing more and more eggs as our latest chicks have grown to maturity.

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