We offer fresh produce, jarred apple butter, fresh eggs from "happy chickens", and other delicious foods! We use responsible organic methods to grow our produce!

Canned Goods

Artisanal Jams for yourself and Holiday GiftsAll are made from fruit that we grow which are never sprayed.Most are relatively low in sugar – using only pure cane sugar.

PEAR PRESERVES – These are very labor intensive and are not commercially available.

Ginger Pear – made with fresh lime and fresh ginger  It is a favorite of my 102 year old aunt.  It has a gentle flavor and is wonderful on toast but also in oatmeal.

 Pear Almond Conserve* – sweeter and excellent on toast, but also as a topping on pound cake or vanilla ice cream. This is made with bits of chopped almonds, fresh ginger and fresh lemon.

 Brandied Pears – made with French Brandy this decadent treat is wonderful alone or on Vanilla Ice Cream

 Pear Lemon with Cardamom – this is a refreshing light preserve with just a hint of cardamom and large slices of pear.  It is excellent on toast.

Pear Ginger with Lemon and Lime– This is a thicker preserve with lots of ginger and lemon with a hint of lime


Apple Butter – cooked for at least 6 hours this rich combination of apples with not only cinnamon but nutmeg, allspice and cloves is a treat.

Drunken Fig Jam – This recipe from Bon Appetit is made with French Brand. If you have never had this you are in for a treat. Try it on toast, on Brie.

 Summer Solstice* – made with tart cherries from our tree and This usually sells out fast.

 Strawberry with Lemon -made with our own strawberries , fresh lemon zest and juice.