We offer fresh produce, jarred apple butter, fresh eggs from "happy chickens", and other delicious foods! We use responsible organic methods to grow our produce!


Rufus touring with some hens

We have a variety of breeds and ages of hens.  Our 2 roosters require that we keep 2  flocks for now.  While it is not necessary to have a rooster to get eggs the drama of the chicken yard is much more entertaining.

Our hens are fed a premium mix of feed from Augusta Coop.  In addition they enjoy supplements with chicken scratch, greens, fruits, tomatoes, starches and even yogurt from our kitchen.  Since they spend their day in the yard they also get a healthy dose of insects as well.  It is also necessary to have oyster shell available for them to eat as needed to improve their own shell consistency.

All of our hens produce brown eggs with a consistency that will spoil you forever from eating the store bought alternative.