We offer fresh produce, jarred apple butter, fresh eggs from "happy chickens", and other delicious foods! We use responsible organic methods to grow our produce!


We now have 4 baby goats about 4 months old.  They are all Boers – meat goats.  These will be the mamas when we breed next year.  We have had them for 3 days and they already come when they see us – but go back to browsing if we don’t have food. Their names are Anja, Rebecca (Becky), Sasha, and Abigail.

Abigail, Anjia and Sasha

Our 4 baby goats browsing with Becky in front

Apples starting


It is fun to see the small apples begin to develop on the trees and look forward to the crisp tastiness they will bring late this summer.

Take time to smell the roses

Lots of work to be done

Warm weather vegetable need to get started and the ground is ready.

Cabbages are undercover to keep away the bugs that want to eat them

Strawberries and asparagus

Both are wonderful treats that take years to cultivate but are worth it.

Fresh asparagus is like something you have never tasted before with its sweet crisp taste and texture






Strawberries are plentiful and pungent and backbreaking to pick but the taste is amazing.

Fruit Tree Pruning

It is hard to cut back on limbs that we know might give us fruit but it is crucial for a healthy tree and larger fruit.  So with various shears and loppers and saws we cut – using what we have learned from reading and classes.  So far it has been going well.  Looking forward to a fruitful year (pun intended) in 2011

Chicken Harvest day (a quote from Animal, Vegetable, Miracle)

It was time to say goodbye to our brown rooster who was not only mean but made it necessary to use 3 chicken yards after he tried to kill our old rooster and started the rooster wars.

He had a good life and was  humanely slaughtered.  He will make a good soup or stew and we can now prepare for the arrival of more chicks


Welcome to our farm’s website!

The seeds have been ordered and little plants are sprouting as we begin the process for the coming growing season.

Spring is for cold crops – cabbages and greens and we hope to have a variety of different shapes and sizes to offer this year.