We offer fresh produce, jarred apple butter, fresh eggs from "happy chickens", and other delicious foods! We use responsible organic methods to grow our produce!


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see you there


We had a wonderful collection of berries

but alas they are now gone for the yearIMG_0612

For a while we had over 25 lb per week


Goats, goats, goats

The last 3 months we have been absorbed in the world of our goat – with 12 kids

7 doelings and 5 bucklings.

Including a late arrival of baby Kate on the right



BUCKLINGS for sale

We have 7 Boer/Kiko Bucklings – these four are from very vigorous Dames and Sire and would make an excellent buck for breeding.  Very parasite resistant.

Marble and Tow playing king of the mountain Bear with his mamma Anja to the right and Whitey



“Kidding has begun”

Becky and her boys

Becky and her boys


Tom with new baby

Phyllis with new baby

But before the rest in the fall….

We brought in Sparky the buck and now our nanny goats are bred

We are looking forward to kidding in mid March

We are raising Boer / Kiko mix goats for meat and further breeding



Winter Update

It is January and time for a deep breath before we ramp up again in the spring

Tom and Jasper

Late Summer Harvest

We are enjoying the continued supply of sweet ripe figs.  We are also waiting with anticipation as more bean plants flower.

Barn Cats – Thank you to Charlottesville SPCA

Meet Tessie and our black cat Nina

Enjoying Spring on the farm

Flowers, goats and of course planting and seeing early fruit forming